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Gluek Beer’s Website is Live

Gluek_DigitalTemplatesThis year, we were thrilled to get the chance to help revive the iconic Gluek beer brand. As part of that work, we created a robust website that shares the Gluek beer story with the world. Here’s a look at our process and goals in creating it.


Our friends at Gluek wanted the site to accomplish several things. 1) Detail the brand’s storied history in a way that was colorful and fun. 2) Invite brand advocates to share their experience with Gluek. 3) Create a merchandise hub that would allow the brand to expand into everything from yoga mats to bags to comfy shirts. 4) Make it simple to find where to buy the beer.

Our Plan

Considering the brand’s needs, we decided WordPress was the best platform for the job. WordPress allows for robust storytelling, content collection and e-commerce integration. It also lets us develop custom content entry fields that make it simple for a brand to take over the website management. Finally, it was important that we make the site fully responsive.

Design Considerations

The website was our first opportunity to really bring the refreshed visual identity to life. We wanted to continue our nod to Gluek’s past while modernizing the system to make sense for web. The typefaces are a combination of modernized sans-serifs reflective of its history and a German-style display font. We’re also using an accessible serif font to add flexibility to the system. With the vibrancy of the color palette, mix of typefaces, and bright lifestyle photography, we wanted to make sure there was plenty of white space in the design. It was definitely a balance between keeping a clean interface and letting the character of the visual language shine.



We worked to base the brand’s voice & tone on its historical voice, while also updating it to match their current strategy. The final direction is a mixture of irreverent fun and lovable optimism. The phrase “Cheers to You” sums up Gluek’s focus on celebrating its drinkers and brand advocates first and foremost. Many historians have chronicled the history of Gluek, giving us plenty of stories to bring to the table.


We worked with local photography Lucy Hawthorne to shoot a series of lifestyle shots that capture the intersection of fun and wellbeing that Gluek beer celebrates.


Check out the site, and enjoy a Gluek beer of your own!

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