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Illustrating Nostalgia

Vertical Poster

In his downtime, Superhuman Design Director Grant Wilson has been working on this poster for his son Harvey’s bedroom. Bringing together everything from Nerf balls to Lego astronauts to Jordans, the poster shows all of Grant’s favorite things as a kid.

Here’s more insight into his thinking.

What inspired you to create this poster?

I still remember going to my grandpa and grandma’s house and seeing all my dad’s childhood toys and artifacts. He had motocross trophies and a bunch of vintage toys. I wanted to make something that took all my childhood artifacts and brought them to life for my son.

Tell us about the style. Why did you choose this aesthetic?

I wanted it to be striking, visual, and colorful in a way that captured how magical and fun these items were to me as a kid.

What challenges did you overcome making this poster?

When it comes to making something for my son, I really want it to be awesome. That creates a certain amount of pressure. For all I know, he could grow up to be a tough critic.

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